Make your game with Kivy!

Ever since I’ve had a smartphone, I’ve been obsessed with making my own apps.  Java development can be slow and clunky, so I decided to use python. If you are a beginner, and you want to know how to make a phone game, follow my lead and start with Kivy!

Kivy is a framework that lets you write your app in python and run it on Android/iOS/Linux/MacOS/Windows. It’s designed for touch devices, and handles multi-touch quite nicely.

The main downside is that accessing sensors (accelerometer/gyroscope) and the vibration on your phone takes a bit more work. As I figure these out, I’ll leave a guide here for you.

Get started:

Download the Kivy Python for android virtual machine image at the bottom of the page. Using a virtual machine lets you develop in Linux, which is faster. Don’t develop in windows! (I’ve learned this the hard way).
Install virtual machine software. I use virtualbox.

Follow this  guide to figure out how to get it all up and running

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3 thoughts on “Make your game with Kivy!

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  2. Kivy is great. I hope to see some tutorials here, especially for games.

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